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1999 Travels September 11

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Today was a quiet, recovery sort of day.

We went to the shops for papers and to pick up the photos I’d put in yesterday. They were alright.

Phoned our accountant and made an appointment to do our tax.

I did much washing. Later, I had to iron quite a lot of it, to ensure its final dryness. There was a lot of cloud about by the afternoon, and it was not very warm.

John fiddled about with bits and pieces, like adjusting the level of the Truck lights, and cleaning algae out of the little filter in the mains water hose (again). We have learned that this seems to grow and block the water inlet fairly regularly.

Listened to the football on the radio. Carlton won, which pleased John.

As John had earlier expressed a wish for vegetable and barley soup, I cooked up lamb shanks for our tea, and set the stock aside to cool, so I could later remove the fat from it, and make the soup tomorrow. John, when doing the washing up, somehow managed to tip out my cooling stock. He was cross and said it was my fault, for worrying about the fat!

We watched a video – The Perfect Murder – which was excellent.

There is about six weeks before we go to Tasmania, and we are starting to feel a bit in limbo and not sure what to do, once the funeral is over. It is not a great time of year to do a short trip somewhere in Victoria. But we really don’t want to be hanging around Melbourne for weeks, being bored, either. Have done that a couple of times already!

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