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1999 Travels September 8

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It was still dark when we left the caravan park, at 5.20am.

Given where it is located, at the crossroads of both the north-south and the east-west routes, there was no problem finding an open fuel outlet, at that time, and we filled the tank – at 75cpl.

We had an uneventful run south, opting to go through Adelaide, as the route that would allow us the fastest driving. By the time we reached there, the morning rush hour was over, and traffic more normal. However, given the months we’d been in the outback, even that seemed rather busy!

Truck pulled the van up the Adelaide Hills steadily. The section from Adelaide to Murray Bridge has been vastly improved from how I remember it, in the 60’s and 70’s, and was much easier driving than I expected.

We alternated the driving, changing each hour. Had a brief fuel and lunch stop at Tailem Bend – fuel was 74cpl.

Crossing the border into Victoria meant, of course, that we “lost” half an hour of time.

It was dark by the time we reached Ararat, so the last hour and a half of driving was again in the dark. Like yesterday, the number of trucks seemed to suddenly proliferate.

There was another fuel stop at Beaufort – 75cpl. Towing on the highways, at a fairly steady speed, I was able to calculate that we were doing about 7.4kms per litre of fuel.

We reached Ballarat at 8pm, and very tired we were, too. Booked into our old friend, the Lake Wendouree Caravan Park – $15.75, after discount. That was actually cheaper than we paid in January last year – must be because it is outside the holiday period.

Tea was leftover chicken, from last night’s meal, with some salad that I threw together quickly. Then we fell into bed, after making phone calls. Sister N was still hanging on.

Today’s drive has set a record for the distance we have towed in one day. I fervently hope it is a record that we never break!

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