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1999 Travels September 9

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We had established, via some phone calls  yesterday, that we would be able to take the Truck and van across Port Phillip Bay on the ferry from Queenscliff to Sorrento, and that the first one left at 7am. This seemed a much better option than negotiating the morning traffic through Melbourne.

We left the caravan park at 4.30am and travelled down the Midland Highway, through Geelong, to Queenscliff, getting there about 6.30 am.

Because it was the early run, the caravan was free on the ferry, which was a lovely bonus! It cost $58 for Truck and us, though.

Somewhere on the drive, we realized that today was the 9-9-99!

The 45 minute trip across the narrow part of the Bay, just inside the Heads, was interesting – we hadn’t done that before. It certainly was a much more pleasant alternative to the city in peak hours.

09-09-1999 driver view q-s ferry.jpg

Driver’s eye view of the Queenscliff ferry, before loading ramp was put down

We were off the ferry and had driven the 20 kms to Mornington, by 8.30.

Drove straight to the hospital and were able to find a place quite close to park the rig. I waited in Truck, while John visited his sister, for about three hours. I read, and got out and walked around, every so often.

While I was waiting, a man stopped and came over to talk. He was a local Trakmaster owner and he was interested to look at our bike rack arrangement. He was planning a trip like ours, so was interested to hear what we had done, to date.

While I was talking to him, John came out of the hospital, with another sister, E.

We booked into the Mornington Caravan Park, which looked alright from the outside, for $12 a night. Booked in for a week, given some uncertainty about how long we might need here. Our allocated site was very nice, surrounded by hedges, which made it quite private. The amenities were clean and quite adequate. We’d had to pay a $30 key deposit for these, too.

After we got set up for a stay of at least a week, John went back to the hospital.

I did some cleaning and ordering of the van – needed after our dash from just about half way across the continent!

John came back at tea time and we had soup, fettucine with sauce from a jar.

It was a very early night for both of us. We were exhausted, rather like jet lag. I feel almost disoriented – had expected to be relaxing by a very different coast, at this point in time.

John said that N was so pleased to see him, so it was worth the effort of the past couple of days.

09-09-1999 to mornington

Our last two days…….

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