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1999 Travels July 23

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Today we needed a quiet day to rest the mining muscles!

The cold wind that started blowing yesterday, from the east, continued today. It really chills things down.

07-09-1999 Gemtree camp ground.jpg

Part of the Gemtree camp ground

I had a headache for much of the morning – wondered if I was brewing a cold.

It was baking day for John. He made potato bread and rolls, Chelsea buns and some pasties. Quite a marathon session.

I had a marathon of my own, doing three loads of washing, including the bedding.

We sorted through the zircons brought back on one of the previous days – I am sure there are a few cutting stones in there.

An Englishman who was camped nearby, with his young family, showed us some amethyst crystals he had collected from Wylie Station, in the Hamersley Ranges of WA. He gave us a mud map sketch of the location.

Some new people set up in “our” clearing – a couple from Melbourne, who are also members of the VKS Radio network. They have relatives in Alice Springs and do a lot of 4WD track exploring around Central Australia. They drive a Disco – the more luxurious brother of our Truck!

Tea was pasties – yummy.

John spent the usual hours on the computer after tea.

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