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1999 Travels July 24

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Last night was very cold – close to zero, I think. The cold wind was still blowing today. I think it affects my sinuses, hence the headaches.

We went back to Mud Tank for another go at the zircons. John has the mining bug!

We did not do as well, today. John may have gone a bit deep and got out of the wash layer. Later on, he changed direction and depth and seemed to do a bit better.

07-26-1999 04 Mud Tank John in his deepest zircon pit.jpg

John in the deepest part of his excavation

Someone else had been digging in the hole, yesterday, in our absence.

It was tiring work, seeming to be harder because of the cold wind.

07-26-1999 08 bush dunny.jpg

At Mud Tank – not sure if it is in use and I wasn’t going to check!

We went back to camp mid-afternoon, cleaned up, then sat round the fire for a while, before tea, talking with our neighbours. Discovered that she knew John’s brother, from Teachers’ College, and that he used to make furniture, so there was plenty to talk about.

Tea was soup, cold pasties, coleslaw and Chelsea buns.

We decided not to go across to paddy melon bowls – it was just too cold and we were weary.

John spent the usual time on his computer. I read and went early to bed.

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