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1999 Travels February 28

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This is the last day of summer. The season has certainly been a wet one, on the NSW north coast!

I walked on the beach, before breakfast, then walked up to the shops for the Sunday paper. John slept in after another late night.

I made some salads and a plate of cold meats, for lunch.

Z and C arrived about midday – after Z had been to church.

C enjoyed being able to have a couple of beers with us – so did we! Not something he would normally have at lunchtime on a Sunday. He brought with him some oddments that he’d accumulated as prizes in his bowling days, that he thought might be of use to us – some cloths, badges, a tie pin and a bottle opener. He also brought photos to show us – of a radio cabinet that had been his and John’s parents’, that he had restored and his daughter now has. It looked lovely – he is certainly an old-style craftsman.

They seemed to enjoy the meal.

After lunch, and much talk, C drove us up to the water tower on top of Big Nobby, to look at the views, which were excellent. There were some houses on the really steep hillside, on the way up there, that had great views, too. From the crest of Big Nobby, the hill slopes down towards the sea, where the headland that is by the creek mouth is called Little Nobby.

After they left, we went for a walk out to the end of Little Nobby Headland. It was a walk with some great, dramatic views. I didn’t take the camera though, as rain was threatening again. We’d had some spells of light rain, through the day.

We decided to stay another day, as we have not really looked around the area much.

Tea was leftover salads, tinned tuna, and fruit.

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