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1999 Travels March 1

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It is the first day of autumn. As if to underline the point, it rained steadily all night and then all day today. There was not much chance to look around, after all! I am certainly not taking the cameras out in the rain to photograph the beach, which I’d hoped to do.

We did go for a drive to Point Plomer, to the south, for the sake of something to do. It stayed raining, and the track was rough. We found camp areas at both Point Plomer and Delicate Nobby. At Point Plomer, there is much green growth on the rocks, down from the camp area, which looks ominously like organic pollution. The area seemed to smell a bit unpleasant. There was a new looking amenities block, though. No power, of course. For future camping, Delicate Nobby might be nicer, though we did not investigate thoroughly, due to the rain. The biggest draw of these places is the bush camping, I guess, though it is hardly cheap – $12.50 for the first night at Point Plomer, $5 a night thereafter.

It was only a little drive – 40kms in all.

On the way back to the van, fuelled up in Crescent Head. 75cpl.

For tea, I peeled the prawns I’d bought in Coffs Harbour. They were tiny and fiddly and by the time I’d finished I did not feel like eating the rotten little things! So John had a feed of them and I just had soup and salad.

There are road warnings out for points to the north, and water over the highway in the Ballina area.

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