This Adventurous Age

Adventures travelling and working around Australia.

1999 Travels February 27

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Before John got up, I did my usual walk on the beach, then walked up to the shops for the Saturday papers.

I read those for a while, then walked back to the shops to do a little food shopping. It is a very expensive little supermarket, here.

Our up-close neighbours seem to be pleasant enough – could be worse, I guess.

After an early lunch , John went to bowls.

I read some more of the papers, then went walking on the beach, but not for as long as I’d have liked, because rain was coming in. The skies had turned a deep black! There was some rain.

I cooked a batch of split pea soup. We had some of that for tea, with kedgeree and fruit.

At dusk, John and I went for a beach walk, but not very far, because John’s hip was hurting.

The ti-tree oil does seem to be helping to heal my scalp sores. Strange occurrence – I am not normally allergic to much.

There is quite a lot of pub or club entertainment noise in the evenings, here.

However, once it began to rain again, after dark, the campground noise from the surfing fraternity – who are mostly in tents – quietened down, at least!

John continued his quest for perfection at the computer game, until late.

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