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1999 Travels February 26

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I went walking on the beach before John eventually got up. It was an enjoyable walk.

02-26-1999 Crescent Head headland.jpg

Little Nobby at Crescent Head

We had a phone message from R, thanking us for her birthday card and cheque. In an earlier phone conversation, John had asked her if she would like to come visit us and have a break by the sea, before starting back at uni. The message said she can’t do that. because she has a weekend job.

We drove into Kempsey and had lunch with Z and C. There was much talk, of family, and of our travels. They are going to Melbourne in late March, to visit N – one of the older sisters.

We ended up staying there for tea too, but went out during the afternoon and bought them a voucher for a meal for two at the local motel restaurant that is a favourite of theirs. That is a present for Z’s birthday, and for the big wedding anniversary coming up.

We did not get back to the van until nearly 11pm. Found we have new camping neighbours – surfer types – whose set up has extended well onto our site, too, to the point where it was hard to squeeze Truck in. Extremely bad manners on their part, so I made sure we were not quiet in our movement from Truck to van!

There was much background noise from the cabaret at the bowls.RSL club, until late.

I went to bed, but John was back playing his computer game until much later.

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