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1999 Travels February 15

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Blue sky and sunshine today. This is so good, after the lousy weather we have mostly had on the coast. The tops of John’s feet actually got sunburned, yesterday, on our walk.

After a late breakfast, we drove into Coffs Harbour. Found a Westpac Bank and paid the truck registration – $410 – ouch!

John went to the bowls shop and bought me a bowls measuring tape. I am not really sure I need one, though. He is certainly investing in me playing the game.

I bought a new photo album. We got some car stuff (a grease gun, etc). Got some groceries.

Stopped at the Big Banana. Neither of us was interested in doing the tourist thing at this attraction, but John wanted bananas! He bought three kilos at a satisfactorily cheap price.

On the drive back, we visited the Lake Russell Gallery in the Emerald Beach area. We discovered this on one of our previous school holiday camping trips here. Browsed for an hour or so. They still have great items, though there was nothing that “grabbed” me quite as much as a painting with cockatoos in it, that I once saw here and still regret not buying.

Drove to Moonee Beach to go for a walk on the headland there. It was hard to find the old path that we used to walk, when we camped here, through people-high grass, so the walk was not as enjoyable was we thought it would be. Eventually reached the headland and sat and watched the waves for a while. They are still big. We found an easier route to walk back, over the rocks. John is now having doubts about moving to Moonee to camp – too many people are commenting on the nasty sandflies there. But it is a beautiful spot, albeit with less for me to do while he bowls – it does not have the beach access, or shops, of Woolgoolga.

We had a late lunch again – 4pm! I only had some fruit, as I have run out of bread – really effective grocery shopping on my part!

Tea was soup, a vegie stir fry and mango to finish. The herby tomato soup has been really nice. There is enough stir fry left over to do for tomorrow’s tea too.

My face is sunburnt. I have a strong headache – too much sun? That would be rather ironic! Maybe I am a little dehydrated?

We watched some TV.

John was up very late, again, playing computer games.

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