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Adventures travelling and working around Australia.

1999 Travels February 14

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We woke to clear blue skies and sunshine. It got to about 27 degrees today, a little humid, but not uncomfortable.

I read the NSW Sunday paper, that I walked up and bought. We had a very late breakfast, as John slept in.

Then we went for a very long walk on the beach, right along to the rocky headland to the north. The weed is back on the beach, in big banks of the stuff, between the caravan park and the creek mouth.

We watched our two caravan neighbours getting bait worms, by dragging smelly fish offal along the sand, and waiting for a worm head to come up out of the sand. The worms are over a foot long – yuk – like huge earthworms. They had gotten a few, but to my mind, not many for the time they were out there dragging the sand. These two seem to catch the odd fish, every day, too. It must be the worms!

We had a late lunch – at 4pm. Then went to bowls.

It was an alright evening. I was inconsistent, as usual, but not too bad. John’s game was great in the first half, and off in the second. He got cross with himself – and me! We won the first game easily and lost the second by a similarly large margin. The club served supper – fried Chinese snack foods, and chips. I find I am not keen on such fatty things, any more. I had some fruit when we got home.

We had a long talk, outside the club, as we were leaving, with a single lady aged in her fifties, who said she would love to go travelling, but has no-one (male) to go with. She says she is too afraid to go alone and would not consider travelling with a female in similar circumstances. We suggested she investigate 4WD tours that take single passengers, or tag alongs. But I think she is too fussy.

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