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1999 Travels February 16

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When I woke up this morning, the headache had gone. A good sign.

The morning was one of clear, blue skies and glorious sunshine, but it clouded over in the afternoon. But it actually got quite hot, reaching nearly 30 degrees.

We had a late breakfast again, as John did not get up until 10m.

I walked to the shops and picked up the photo reprints I’d ordered, of the Toowoomba gardens. John printed off the digital photos he’d taken of TB and me, there. I walked back to the shops and mailed these to TB, along with a couple of postcards, to other people. I found a book exchange in the township, and traded in a heap of books for three others.

John went to bowls in the afternoon.

I went for a walk on the beach. There are great heaps of weed down in front of the other caravan park, near the creek mouth. It covers the entire beach and is up to five feet deep, in places. It smells awful. I am glad we are not in that caravan park!

I walked for an hour and came back quite hot and sweaty. While I was walking, an army helicopter flew along the beach – quite low. One had earlier flown over the township. They are so noisy.

Spent some time putting photos in the new album, then had a shower.

John was late back from bowls, so we had a late tea – the leftovers from yesterday.

It feels summery again, as it is still warm after sunset. We needed the fan on in the van.

There was a moon eclipse of the sun, this afternoon and evening, but we couldn’t see it, because of cloud.

I read in today’s paper that Beam is trying to sell its games division and will then probably de-list. I wonder if that means we will just lose the money we have invested in Beam shares? I do not really know how such a process works, or affects shareholders. Maybe John can investigate further, as it was his choice of share – he liked it because it made his favourite computer game.

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