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Adventures travelling and working around Australia.

1999 Travels February 2

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There were still rain clouds looming when I got up.

John went off to morning bowls, but it was called off, so we went on the Tourist Drive. This took us to New Italy which, as the name suggests, was settled by a group of Italian immigrants, in the 1880’s, and where this heritage has been kept alive. From there we followed back roads to the hamlet of Whiporie, through ti-tree swamp areas and much State Forest. Parts of this route felt quite isolated. At Whiporie, turned north, onto a more significant road, but detoured off this because John wanted to check out the Wyan Sawmill – but he found it only handles pine, which is not a timber that interests him for woodwork. Then it was onto a minor road again, that took us through more forest and out onto farmland near Coraki, where we stopped for a look at the river there. Spotted a Sacred Kingfisher. From there we went on to Woodburn and back to Evans head.

There was heavy rain as we came from Woodburn, and it had obviously been raining in our area for some time.

We drove 208kms today.

We had a very late lunch!

The weather cleared enough, later in the afternoon, for us to go for a walk to the break wall, and then along the beach. We did get a little rained-on, though.

Tea was reheated left over vegie burgers, with beans, tomato and broccoli. John does not like the vegie patties, he has decided.

At night, I could see a full moon through breaks in the clouds – there is a big rainbow coloured halo around it! I am not sure what that signifies, but suspect it is not fine weather!

John phoned R – she has gotten into the Melbourne Uni course, which is good news. She is flat hunting.

John played computer games until the early hours, again.

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