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1999 Travels February 1

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We went for a drive, this morning, across the river – there is a bridge down the river end of town. Found a lookout point that gave a good view over the river entrance and the beach, stretching away to the north.

We continued on to Chinamans Beach, a little to the south. Parked there and walked a short track to the beach, then walked to the north as far as a rocky barrier – not all that far. Retraced our steps and walked south until we came to signs that indicated we should not go any further because it was Defence land and a bombing range. So turned around and went back. It was very pleasant walking.

We ate our packed lunch in the picnic area at Chinamans Beach, then spent some time trying to spot some birds that were being elusive.

Drove back across the bridge and back to Broadwater National Park, where we were yesterday, and gathered some pippis from the sand.

After we got back to the van, I walked to the Library, returned one book and borrowed another. I am still reading Di Morrissey’s Songmaster. I can’t make up my mind whether she over-idealizes and romanticizes the Kimberley aboriginal scenario. The picture she paints does not really accord with what we saw on our 1993 trip there. She does touch on relevant issues such as land rights, tourism to sacred sites, exploitation of aboriginal artists by unscrupulous white dealers, and by their own families; she also highlights the variable quality of such art. Anyway, I am finding it worth reading!

There was more rain this afternoon.

Tea was soup, vegie burgers that I made, and salad.

John is all upset because his waistline has not reduced any since last week! But he has eaten steak and kidney twice and Red Rooster take away – all his idea! But he blames it on drinking wine and has decreed we shall no longer have any in the van! I have informed him that, if this is to be so, then his beers at happy hour time must go, and at bowls clubs he must drink only water. I don’t like the chances of that!

John played computer games until 3.30am.

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