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Adventures travelling and working around Australia.

1999 Travels February 3

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When I got up, at 8am, the sky was blue, with lots of fluffy clouds. So much for my theory about a rainbow ringed moon! There was quite a bit of sunshine through the day, but it was also windy, and there were some sun showers.

John went fishing from the break wall, with the incoming tide. He lost a lot of his pippi bait, but did not catch anything. The locals are catching flathead in the area, and bream in the river, he was told.

John went to bowls in the afternoon – no shortage of games here.

I walked on the beach for an hour, then went to the Library. Now that both my original books have been returned, I can borrow more at once, so I took out several. Back at the van, I read.

John won at bowls – not well enough to bring home a prize, but he was happy not to lose.

I made curried carrot soup and we had some for tea, followed by a vegie stir fry.

John discovered there were some messages on the phone – we are still getting used to this gadget, it seems. One was from R with the news we already know. One was from a former colleague of John’s, just to say hi. One was from John’s brother C, anxious to know where we are. He knows we are heading south again and I suspect he is worried that we might pass him by! I think he really used to enjoy the calls we made to him on the HF Radio, before we bought the mobile phone. Took him back to the old days.

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