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Adventures travelling and working around Australia.

1998 Travels December 22

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In the morning, I read and sewed. John spent time on the computer. I began work on a small tablecloth, on cheap blue fabric I bought way back in Queanbeyan. I am using a Hardanger style pattern on it – not sure how well it will work. Will use the tablecloth on our small folding table, when we have picnics.

Flohr Motors phoned and we took Truck to them. The State Manager was very nice. They will arrange for the panel work to be done, to fix the roof; they will also repair where John backed into the tree at Lake Maraboon, but we will have to pay for that! Maybe $100? They will also arrange a new roof rack, as they agree the paint should not have peeled on the one we have. They are not sure when they can fit us in for the work – will phone us. We were very satisfied with the service we are receiving, to date.

Did a big grocery shop, at Woolworths. Bought some Tattslotto tickets – live in hope! Bought ourselves a little portable chess/backgammon set, and John bought two very high quality kitchen knives – a small and larger chef’s knives. Cost $85! They are very sharp – good finger slicing implements for me, I suspect.

Drove to the edge of town, to the Woolworths fuel outlet, for cheaper diesel – 70cpl. With the Xmas holidays coming up, I think the price of fuel is elevated.

Had a late lunch, after all that.

Later in the day, went for a walk around the streets, and along a creek/drain, several blocks  to the east of us, that is being done up as a water garden. It was a good walk.

Tea was chicken maryland pieces, marinated Greek style before cooking, with salads.

The TV signals here, as one would expect, are good, so John is happy.

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