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1998 Travels December 21

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After breakfast, had a big hunt for the video warranty documents. This involved searching through some cupboards, John’s collection of papers in about three different locations, and the small expanding file that is meant to hold important papers and is stored under the bed. Eventually found the warranty, but not the receipt for when we purchased it in Geelong.

John phoned Daewoo/Retravision and was told he’d need to do a Stat Dec, obtained from a Post Office, re the purchase details. They don’t make it easy!

So, we drove to the Post Office in Margaret Street, through the Xmas shopping traffic, in the centre of an unfamiliar city. At the PO, John was told that newsagents sell Stat Dec forms. This was beginning to assume farcical dimensions!

John decided to try the repair place anyway, since we were in the city centre – Dent’s Radio and Repairs. They were happy to take it on, but said it will take a week or two to get to it.

Then we went to Flohr, the Landrover dealer. Their Service Manager was at lunch, so we walked over the road to the Woolworths shopping complex, browsed a little, then bought lunch – pizza for John and a ricotta and spinach pastry for me.

I bought John the KKND 2 computer game – for his Xmas present. Cost $90.

Back to Flohr, where we saw the Service Manager. He will phone us tomorrow, as the State Manager will be there then and we can take Truck in for him to inspect the problem rivets and the roof rack that is peeling paint in large sections. It was a proper Landrover one, and should not be deteriorating like this.

Then, of course, we had to suss out a couple of bowls clubs – one by the Botanical Gardens/Queens Park, and one in Toowoomba South. John booked himself in for a game on Wednesday, and us both for one on Thursday.

While we were by the Gardens, we went for a walk there. They are most attractive. The walk was enjoyable, as the weather is mild here, compared to where we have been.

Drove to Picnic Point, which is in bush land on the eastern side of the city, and admired the view across the edge of the Range, past Table Mountain, towards Brisbane, down in the distance. It was pretty hazy, but I attempted a photo, anyway.

12-21-1998 Picnic Point view east.jpg

The outlook to the east from Picnic Point, past Table Mt, towards Brisbane

Toowoomba is about 700 metres above sea level, perched on the edge of the Great Dividing Range, at a point where it rises abruptly from the coastal plains. This means that the road to Brisbane has some steep gradients! Its elevation means that it is much cooler than Brisbane. The area was settled in the 1840’s and the city grew as the centre of the rich Darling Downs agricultural district. Today it is, I think, a similar size to Geelong – about 120,000 people.

Back at the van, relaxed for what was left of the afternoon. I finished my first significant Hardanger project – a white table runner, destined to eventually grace the centre of our big red gum table at home.

Tea was cold rissole sandwiches for John, rissoles and salads for me.

The evenings here are so pleasantly cool – it is really refreshing.

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