This Adventurous Age

Adventures travelling and working around Australia.

1998 Travels November 12

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There was still plenty of clouds, and rain, today. Some roads in western and central Qld are closed, due to the wet.

John commented on the damaged bucket, and general lack of care by the gardening man, to one of the other staff, then a manager came and said it would be replaced. To me, it is all about the principle of the rights of guests. Yes, we are here for an extended stay, and the grass has grown around the site, and yes, it was a good idea to cut it, somehow  – but the man could have warned us to move our gear, or done it himself.

After lunch, John went to bowls. He dropped me in town on his way, where I bought some tomatoes to make soup. Walked back to camp.

I made the soup, read and sewed. My leech bites are beginning to itch.

L and J came back from an excursion to the local op shop, very pleased with themselves. They’d found some second hand bowls, and a dehydrator.

After the soup, I served John the left over steak and kidney, reheated. I had salad.


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