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Adventures travelling and working around Australia.

1998 Travels November 13

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Another one of those dates! Seem to have been a lot of them this year.

It was still cloudy and raining.

We did the grocery shopping.

Drove to the Big Peanut, a few kms from Atherton, to see what their fresh produce is like. Decided that Woolworth’s fruit and vegies were better quality, and cheaper. We coincided with a tour bus full of Mediterranean types – very pushy. The staff was run off its collective feet. That alone would have deterred us from trying to buy anything ourselves.

On the way back to camp, we called at another fruit stall on the edge of Atherton. This was much better. I bought 3 avocadoes – big ones – for $2. They can ripen for use in salads.

Through this week, we have received phone calls from three of John’s siblings, in response to the most recent big letter he’d sent them. They are all very pleased to hear of our adventures. His sister M phoned to tell us not to stay up here much longer – she thought we were in Cairns, and thought we may not know about cyclones!

Fish and chip tea – Fridays seem to come around so fast.

My feet are enormously itchy from the leech bites.

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