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1998 Travels September 3

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We had a fairly early lunch, because we wanted to go for a ride on the beach when it was low tide.

We rode as far as the mouth of the Daintree River. The sand was firm, as we thought it would be, but it was still hard work, needing constant pedalling. It was a “different” cycling experience – a bit of a Butch Cassidy and Sundance Kid one. Most enjoyable and sure beats the hell out of working!

09-03-1998 04 cycling on beach Wonga to Daintree and back.jpg

Lovely wide beach at low tide

However, there was quite a nasty smell on the beach – kind of a strong, soapy odour.

We saw a big mob of migrating frigate birds fly over. They have distinctive long tail feathers.


In the mouth of the Daintree River

09-03-1998 fun on wonga beach.jpg

Hard work cycling, but what a glorious place for it

We actually cycled 12kms on the beach!

Late in the afternoon, went for a drive around some of the back roads, through the farm lands between the coast and the mountains that rise up so steeply from the relatively narrow coastal section. It was all very lush and green – such a fertile area.

Tea was a sausage and tomato stew.

We phoned K on the mobile – to tell him we have it. The signal and sound was very patchy, but at least we managed to make it work.

My mouth has been rather tender, still, today, but God it is good to be free of that acute ache!

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