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Adventures travelling and working around Australia.

1998 Travels September 4

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I did a couple of loads of washing.

In the afternoon, we drove to Mossman. I posted letters to various people, that I have written over the past few days.

We looked in real estate agents windows – a favourite pastime of ours. We do find the lush green-ness of this area really attractive, but are aware that living here would not be so pleasant in the summer, wet season. Or when there was a cyclone!

Used public phone to call GW re our tax stuff. Bought a few groceries.

Back at Wonga, a fellow resident had caught a huge golden trevalley, off the beach. It was nearly 30lbs. They cooked it on the BBQ and we were all invited to help ourselves. It was very nice too. I cooked some chips to go with it.

09-04-1998 golden trevalley.jpg

That is a big fish!

The bad smell we noticed when up the beach yesterday has reached down here. It seems almost like some sort of chemical and makes me feel a little sick. We wonder if there has been some sort of spill from a passing ship?

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