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1998 Travels September 2

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We drove to Cairns.

Went to Lake Placid Caravan Park and booked us in from 10th. We were impressed by this park when we visited H and M here. So, the commitment is made, now. I have tried my best to change John’s mind – even invoking the more pleasant weather at Wonga, with the sea breeze – but to no avail.

Checked out mobile phones and bought one. This is a first for us. It cost $50. Now we just have to figure out how to work it – and be very careful about using it. At least with public phones and phone cards, we knew exactly what we were spending each time on phone calls. And when one has to walk or drive to a phone box, it means the call is fairly necessary.

Found out that we can do an absentee vote in Cairns, ahead of the election day. Another problem solved.

Shouted ourselves to the luxury of a coffee and John had a cake. I chose not to eat.

Went to Landrover – Trinity Motors – to make them aware of issues with Truck, while it is still in warranty. Mostly – the slightly “popped” rivets in the roof. Not sure whether this is from the weight of the roof rack, with the spare wheel and jerry cans of fuel up there, as they were on the Cape trip, or from general flexing in extreme situations, like some of the creek crossings, and the bog at Ussher Point. Whatever, it will need fixing.

Then it was off to the dentist. He did the main part of a root canal filling on an upper left molar. It took a lot of anaesthetic and then he had to put some directly into the nerve. It was badly inflamed – that was not news to me! It took an hour to do – a time of great tension for me. I had pins and needles and numbness in my arms and hands, and legs/feet, but tried to relax. Kept telling myself that I had no option, and that anything was preferable to the pain of a few days ago. That session with the dentist cost $330 – more than a month of caravan park fees!

John went shopping while I was suffering and bought himself a computer atlas program on CD – only $6. He stocked up on beer and wine.

It was dark by the time we got back to Wonga. On the way, the anaesthetic began to wear off and my mouth was sore.

Tea was sausages and eggs for John. I did not want to eat!

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