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1998 Travels January 12

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It has already been a week since we left! So, today we went back!

We were up early and set off after breakfast to go home, and take a crate of books, maps and some other oddments, home, and pick up the things we forgot. We also took the non-functioning video machine home.

It was a hot day, for once, and so was hot travelling.

We reached home about 11am. K was home and doing some clean up work about the place, which looks alright, still. Well, we have only been gone a week! It was good to see the dog and the cats too. Poor dog was so happy to see us.

P came home for lunch, so we saw her too.

John arranged to sell his old bowls to a club member, for $180 – an unexpected bonus.

John could not find his caravan keys. We will have to get some cut for him.

After a couple of hours, left again. Felt mean leaving dog behind again.

Called in to deliver said bowls, and also had to visit our solicitor in Mooroolbark – we left our wills and some other important documents with him. He had received $74 from VicRoads: the refund on my Barina registration, as we decided to unregister it for the duration, rather than waste the money.

It was a hot trip back. Thunderclouds were building up in the distance.

Booked into the Park for another week, and paid. There is still lots to do here, and the regular bike riding is good for John. Having the Gardens and the Lake across the road makes this easy to do. Having no deadlines for the trip allows us to linger and make it up as we go. I suspect it will continue this way.

I cooked pizzas for tea, using the van oven for the first time. Seems to work well. We had fruit for dessert, including some ripe figs brought back from home.

It started to rain about tea time; there was a really heavy downpour during the night, with thunder.

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