This Adventurous Age

Adventures travelling and working around Australia.

1998 Travels January 13

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We slept in a bit. There was really only time to breakfast and pack up the cold left over pizza for our picnic lunch, and then meet my friends over by the Lake. We walked there.

Spent until 5.30 with them – S and M and their three children. It was great to meet up again – it is some years since I have seen S. We were very impressed with their three home-schooled children, the oldest of whom is 12; very well behaved, articulate and confident children.

We all found plenty to talk about – computers, travels, other activities, schooling issues and trends. We declined the offer to go flying with M tomorrow – his latest activity.

It was quite humid through the day, and thunderstorms developed again in the afternoon. There was one gigantic and frightening clap of thunder straight over the Rotunda where we were sheltering.

After parting with the friends, we went bike riding – twice around the Lake again, doing 16.5kms. My bottom was sore!

Tea was spaghetti carbonara, followed by fresh fruit.

Thunder grumbles continued through the evening.

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