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1998 Travels January 11

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After breakfast, we washed the Truck, which took quite a while, because it has some fiddly corners. I did the washing – cost $4 for two loads.

John wanted to go to a computer expo/swap show that was on in the Old Gaol Building at the School of Mines. It cost $3 each to get in and was rather disappointing. I did not find it at all interesting – probably because of being very much a novice with computers. John did buy some games discs, though.

Went grocery shopping at Safeway – food for a couple of meals, and some toiletries.

I filled a focaccia loaf for a late lunch, then felt like a siesta for a while. This really is a change of lifestyle!

I had picked in the dry washing, and John did the necessary ironing, in the Park laundry, but using our own iron.

In the late afternoon, went for a bike ride. John decided to go twice round the Lake. Being a weekend day, there were more people about in the Gardens, to dodge. We rode 15kms. So by the time we finished it was a little late to cook the planned dinner. The late lunch meant that we were not that hungry anyway. So we had a cup of soup each, some salad, and fruit.

John has developed a bad sore throat, through the day. Think he is getting my cold.

There are major floods along the north Qld coast, with Townsville being particularly badly affected. Hope this does not adversely affect our Qld travels later in the year.

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