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2004 Travels June 22


I felt a bit better today, at least in the morning.

We had to go back to the specialist in South Perth for test results and verdict.

The traffic seemed very heavy on the freeway. Maybe it just felt that way because of the heavy rain?

Resize of 06-17-2004 perth in rain.jpg

Perth in the rain

The doctor did not have the blood tests results back yet, but felt it was probably Sjoengrens. John was to get liquid tears for dry eyes and Biotene stuff to counteract a dry mouth – neither of which he had mentioned having! The specialist would send the results on to our doctor, but said there was nothing more he could do.

The good news was that he saw no reason why we could not continue with our travelling.

Drove back to camp with mixed feelings. It was not great that John appeared to have a chronic disease, but we decided to think as little as possible about that and just focus on enjoying the rest of this year’s travels.

Collected the library books and took them back. At Karrinyup shopping centre, we claimed the doctor’s bills refunds from Medicare. Bought the things required for John from a chemist. Had lunch at the shops and did a few more bits of shopping.

Refuelled at $1.02cpl.

In a sunny break back at camp, took down the annexe roof.

We went for a – hopefully last – walk around the gardens of the caravan park.

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2004 Travels June 20


We drove across to the coast, then followed that south, through Cottesloe and onto the Stirling Highway, where we cut back up and went to Kings Park. This is a large area of parkland, gardens and bush, in inner Perth.

We walked in the park for a while. There had been some impressive improvements and development of facilities since we were last here, in 93.

I did not feel very well, due to the cold.

We had to extend our original booking at the caravan park – operating on a day by day basis now. We had exceeded the discount allowable per stay, so were now paying the full $25 a night.

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2004 Travels June 17


Today was John’s specialist appointment.

We had an easy drive down the Mitchell Freeway, over the Swan River and to the South Perth Medical Centre on Mill Point Drive.

We saw, in passing, the place on Mill Point Drive, where daughter and husband had a flat for a few months, in ’98/’99,  whilst they were working in Perth on their extended trip.

Resize of 06-17-2004 Mill Point Perth where V and B lived.jpg

Distant Mill Point Drive, and the Swan River

The doctor wanted a scan done, and blood tests. He was not sure of a diagnosis. It might be Sjoengrens Syndrome – which neither of us had ever heard of!

It was a bit of an anti-climax to still come away with no definitive answers.

I still had a sore throat!

On the way back to camp, collected our mail. Notes from L were interesting, but there was nothing else interesting or important.

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2004 Travels June 2


Pottered about through much of the morning, then set out to go to lunch with the parents-in-law at their home at Sorrento. It wasn’t far for us to drive. Stopped on the way and bought flowers and a nice Brown Brothers red wine.

We had a very pleasant time there, at L and F’s. They have great views from their place – across to Rottnest Island and can see south along the coast to Fremantle. It must look wonderful at night.

Mid-afternoon, made our farewells. Drove along the coast to the new Hillarys Marina, that F had mentioned. Parked and walked around there, looking at some very expensive boats.

Completed a round about drive through that part of the northern suburbs, following the coast up to Mullaloo, then across to Beldon and then back on the freeway to Balcatta. Stopped off at the shopping centre to collect my photos. I also bought an album to put them in.

Went for a short walk around the back part of the caravan park.

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2004 Travels June 1


Today was the first day of winter. It was definitely time to be leaving the southern parts of WA well behind us!

Pack up was efficient and we were on the road in good time. The drive to Perth, through Bunbury and Mandurah, was routine. With more time I’d have liked to have stayed at Bunbury and explored out from there.

There was a prodigious amount of development taking place, south of Perth, especially around Mandurah.

I have never liked navigating through large cities so was not looking forward to traversing Perth. My recollection was of a somewhat confusing set of multiple lanes, where it was hard to find the correct one. But it all turned out to be very straightforward. There were a couple of places where we had to change lanes, but the traffic was not heavy, so this was no drama.

I loved where the Perth trains run down the central part of the freeways and main roads – where a median strip would normally be. Melbourne should have adopted that idea, years ago.

We went to Karrinyup Waters Caravan park – another Top Tourist – in the northern suburbs, because the description made it sound nice.  And so it proved, located beside some small natural lakes. After discount, was $22.50 a night.

Resize of 06-01-2004 Karrinyup Waters caravan park.JPG

Lake at Karrinyup Waters Caravan Park

We only planned a few nights here – the main purpose was to visit John’s daughter’s parents-in-law.

Because of the lakes, there were plentiful water fowl around. They were interesting to watch – but one had to look where they were walking! At the back of the park, the tent camping area was around two small lakes – very pretty and pleasant to walk around there.

After setting up, we walked to the nearest large shopping centre, the Karrinyup Shopping Centre. It felt a lot further than it looked on my map! Bought a few food items – mindful of the fact of carrying same back, and put my photos in for processing. Then it was the long walk back.

Phoned the parents of John’s son in law and arranged to go to lunch there tomorrow.

Resize of 06-01-2004 to kar

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2000 Travels November 19


We were away early, heading for Perth on the Brand Highway.

It was a pleasant enough drive, mostly through almost flat farming country – grain growing. There were occasional areas of rougher scrub country on rises.

Just after Gin Gin, without warning, the caravan brakes came on! At first, John thought the bearings had gone. As he was investigating, a very pleasant man driving a road works water truck, pulled up to see if he could help. He and John took off a van wheel and found that the magnet had come adrift in the electric brake. They took it out, wound the brakes out – and we could go again! There are still some nice people in this world, it seems.

11-19-2000 brake assistance.jpg

Our generous helper

We had not long gotten going when we had to pull over again, when John’s nephew M phoned, for a travel chat!

At the time of the breakdown, we had decided to make for the nearest Perth caravan park, at Caversham, so we made our way there.

Then John decided he wanted to be closer to the caravan spare part places, so we were off again – to the rather swish Perth International Village Caravan Park. Nights here were $18,90 for a powered site, which was reasonable, considering the facilities.

Tea was cold silverside, mashed potato, coleslaw.

Lots of TV channels to choose from, now.

11-19-2000 perth