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2004 Travels June 17

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Today was John’s specialist appointment.

We had an easy drive down the Mitchell Freeway, over the Swan River and to the South Perth Medical Centre on Mill Point Drive.

We saw, in passing, the place on Mill Point Drive, where daughter and husband had a flat for a few months, in ’98/’99,  whilst they were working in Perth on their extended trip.

Resize of 06-17-2004 Mill Point Perth where V and B lived.jpg

Distant Mill Point Drive, and the Swan River

The doctor wanted a scan done, and blood tests. He was not sure of a diagnosis. It might be Sjoengrens Syndrome – which neither of us had ever heard of!

It was a bit of an anti-climax to still come away with no definitive answers.

I still had a sore throat!

On the way back to camp, collected our mail. Notes from L were interesting, but there was nothing else interesting or important.

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