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2004 Travels August 13


Another of those inauspicious Friday 13ths! I had lost track of the dates – easy to do when just idling away the days. Had I realized before we were on the road, I might have suggested staying another day!

We got away at 8.30. Having the pressure of the next lot of occupants waiting, did ensure we didn’t linger.

In Exmouth, took my library books back to the Exmouth Library. I had been so grateful to have books to read while we were relaxing in our Mesa camp.

Refuelled at $1.28cpl.

Bought bread rolls for lunch.

It was a comfortable drive south.

We stopped for me to make up our lunch at an overnight free camp spot – Lyndon River. It would be an adequate place to overnight. It was obviously well used.

Resize of 08-13-2004 02 Lyndon River Free Camp Area 2.JPG

Lyndon River Rest Area

South of this, we rejoined the main Highway 1.

When we crossed the Gascoyne River bridge, on the approach to Carnarvon, the river was flowing! Not a banker, but a clear stream. This was obviously the aftermath of all the rain there had been, after we left town, back in early July. This was the first time we’d seen water in this river.

Resize of 08-28-2004 gasc river.jpg

Gascoyne River with water

Went back to the Wintersun Caravan Park. Our main purpose for returning here to Carnarvon was for John to watch the Olympic Games – at a place where he knows TV reception is good. Yet again, our travels were being dictated by sport and TV! But, at least, it was better than Karratha, in that there was a bit more to do on the occasional breaks from viewing.

We booked in for two weeks at $110 a week, after discount.

After setting up, drove to the shopping centre. Collected mail at the PO. Went and bought prawns and snapper at the fish co-op.

I had a lovely, long, shower. It was great to feel properly clean again, after getting by with washes from a bucket, in the van, and the judicious use of wet wipes.

There was a text from house sitter L, to phone her, which we did. She said our old Russian Blue cat was really sick. This was basically cat decline from old age, and not unexpected. We told L to use her judgement about what to do. But we didn’t think we’d see the old cat again, which made us sad.

After tea, watched the last episode of “Old Dogs” on TV. It had been an entertaining  series.

There was no sea noise to lull us to sleep tonight. Just the assorted noises of lots of other campers and the town environment in general.

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