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2010 Travels May 14


After breakfast, we set off to explore some of the Lincoln National Park.

We followed the coast around from Port Lincoln, along the Proper Bay road, to Tulka, then went east around Proper Bay Road to Cape Donington, at which point we were directly across the bay from the town, which we could see in the distance.

We left the vehicles at the parking area by the Cape Donington Lighthouse, and then walked the 6km Donington Circuit Walk. This took us over rocky outcrops. through coastal scrub and along some sandy beaches.

On the eastern side of Cape Donington
She wouldn’t be doing this if it was still alive….
September Beach and Cape Donington Light

From September Beach, the track cut back inland, supposedly to the other side of the Cape and then back to the start. However, we mislaid the track on the inland section, where there were lots of vehicle tracks, and no signage. So we short-cut the last part, walking up the main road instead.

We probably walked about 5kms in all.

After that foray, drove around to Fishermans Beach and ate our lunch there.

Fishermens Beach

The coves and beaches, and rocky points, out here, were really pretty.

Drove around past Spalding Cove and Surfleet Cove, to the parking area below Stamford Hill. A short walk track went up to the top of the hill – only about 500 metres – where there was a monument to explorer Matthew Flinders. John was very tired by now, so we didn’t do the Hill walk, but watched birds whilst M went off and did the walk.

We got back to camp about 4pm, after a great and scenic day out. The Lincoln National Park was definitely worth visiting – for day trippers like ourselves, or for campers. As with Coffin Bay National Park, if we’d had more time, we would have thought very seriously about bringing the van out and staying a few days in the Park.

Tea was kingfish dipped in tempura flour, and fries. Very nice fish. The availability of good seafood was another plus of staying in these parts.

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2000 Travels December 8


In the morning, I phoned a dentist in Port Lincoln and managed to get a 4pm appointment for the afternoon.

We drove to the Lincoln National Park, south of the town,  and followed several tracks that went to interesting sounding bays. The coastal scenery out there was really impressive. With more time, it would have been interesting to take the van and camp out there.

John tried some fishing, but no success. We had lunch out there, though I had to be very cautious about eating!

We were both feeling rather down, because of all the home stuff.

Back to Port Lincoln to the dentist. He put a new filling on the tooth, but said it might not last long. He still charged me $190!

On the way back to Coffin Bay, we bought another dozen oysters each.

12-03-2000 03 coffin bay from lo.jpg

The waterways of Coffin Bay

For tea, we had the oysters half natural, half Kilpatrick style. We followed these with bought fish and chips – John had whiting, I had flake. All very yummy.

We drove 186kms today.