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2016 Travels April



We bunkered down for the craziness that was Easter in this part of the world, where many Melburnians attempt to escape from the crowded metropolis only to find themselves in crowded holiday destinations.

John occupied himself making a whimsical small table.

The new creation

Years ago, he’d bought some pearl shell in Broome, intending to try using it for inlay in wood. He came up with the idea of an inlaid tata gecko for his table. These little critters, in real life and during our times up north, had many times scared the daylights out of us. They lurk in fallen leaves and bark beside paths, gently waving, unseen, then scurry off with a noise disproportionate to their small size, thereby frightening the bejesus out of the passer-by.

The result was deemed a great success.

Immortalized tata

I occupied myself planning our next short get away. And dealing with figs…. And more figs.

3 thoughts on “2016 Travels April

  1. Nice table, to become prized heirloom.

  2. Hmmm more talents than just bowls eh?

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