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2016 Travels March 30

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The day after we got home, I did the washing from our trip, including the Bus bedding. It was a lovely day and it all got dry.

Son phoned and invited himself, partner and kids to dinner Saturday. Seven to feed!

There was now no alternative but to brave the shops. The Woolworths supermarket at Lilydale was incredibly busy. It is like people think they will starve, just because the shops are shut for a day!. There were even traffic control people on duty in the carpark! Listen folks. It really is not that long ago that all shops, except for maybe the local corner milk bar, routinely shut at midday Saturday and did not re-open until Monday. We coped.

My Easter Saturday family dinner was well received. Roast chicken, with lots of extra drumsticks and wings for hungry teenagers. There was much talk about the plans in progress for the coming wedding of son and partner, in October. That will be an event to look forward to.

Even with the distractions of cooking and visitors, there was some worry about the 4 year old Bendigo grandson, who had fetched up in hospital before Easter, and been transferred to the Royal Childrens Hospital in Melbourne. Lots of tests eventually resulted in a diagnosis and then surgery. Being in the hospital at the time of the Good Friday Appeal, meant he got to see a number of visiting celebrities. Eventually came good news – the boy was expected to make a full recovery. When he finally was allowed home to Bendigo, after a couple of weeks, his mums were very relieved, and happy to no longer be commuting back and forth every day.

John indulged in an absolute orgy of bowls over the Easter period – major events on offer. It was great that he had an enjoyable time, because a couple of weeks later came the news that he would need a TURP procedure, or a re-bore, in his terminology. Sounded distinctly unpleasant, and more serious than we’d realized, as he would have to be in hospital for four days. Surgery scheduled for late April, and in East Melbourne. That would mean much to-ing and fro-ing and battling with traffic. I am not sure which one of us was dreading the whole thing more!

Clearly, May would be a write-off in terms of any travel.

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