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2015 Travels May 9

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John did not rush to leave for the boys’ soccer matches, but the first one was not until 11.30, so he was not late. The match was at the boys’ school, so John got to see some of their buildings and facilities and was most impressed.

He did get lost trying to follow the family to the afternoon match, which was at the Australian Institute of Sport. After the game, he drove daughter and the elder grandson back to their home. The kid got to ride in the very “doggy” back seat of the Terios – which he will probably remember for quite some time…

I spent the usual sort of time back at Bus. Read. Some computer time. Played games with dog.

Rows and rows of bunkhouse accommodation…

In amongst the wind squalls and icy showers, took some photos of the caravan park, with its long rows of bunkhouses for tour groups, and its very small caravan section. I wondered why they even bothered with the caravan part? Was there some legal reason to do with zoning or classification?

The small area of caravan sites

As agreed last Thursday, we were to have dinner with the family. Left the park at 5.30 to go over there. When we arrived, discovered that SIL had decided they would be going down to the coast, to their beach house, for the remainder of the weekend. Daughter did not want to go, so the atmosphere was decidedly tense. SIL and the two boys were quite contemptuous of us and their mother, the boys taking the lead from their father. Dinner – spag bol – was a very hurried affair, we were rushed out as soon as the last mouthful had been eaten. No offer of dessert or a drink, and we were back at Bus before we knew it. Not quite the convivial evening we had anticipated…

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