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2015 Travels May 8

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It was really, really cold last night. I slept as late as Couey would allow – until nearly 9am. John slumbered on till later.

There was a really chill wind blowing all day. I concluded that the only reason one would choose to live in Canberra would be a work imperative!

The en-suite sites…why do we feel like second class citizens?

Today was a day of doing oddments, and looking towards departure on Sunday.

Changed the dressings on my leg – that accounted for nearly an hour.

John went online and checked our Telstra bill. The charges seemed high, since we got the new phone a couple of weeks ago.

Went to the airport area shopping complex and filled scripts, got some food supplies. I bought a very nice pull-apart loaf that we had for lunch, back at Bus.

Re-rolled the awning, pulling it out and trying to put it back in the line that would enable locking for travel, after my solo effort of the other day. Got it done properly, after a couple of tries. We had found that, with this awning, if wind had moved the material along the roller, at all, the arms will not slot away properly. Marked the right places on the roller with texta.

Phoned daughter, who gave us details of some bills that we needed to pay online.

For tea, I cooked hoki fish – bought pre-battered and frozen, and made fries. I quite liked the hoki, but John hated it. Guess I won’t be doing that again.

Another very cold night and a solid work out for the little fan heater.

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