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2013 Travels November 17

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We were up early, in order to be at the pool at the Australian Institute of Sport, just after 9am. Found our way there, with GPS help, quite easily.

The boys had a packed sporting day, which seemed to be a norm, rather than something specially arranged for us.

We watched them swim in a couple of events, then hurried off to Ginninderra Lake, where they were supposed to have triathlon events. These had been changed to a kind of biathlon, though, due to algae in the lake. They were to run, then bike, then run again. Both boys had all the right gear, including racing bikes. Not a cheap sport!

Younger grandson rounding the curve on his racing bike

The younger boy – aged 8 – tackled the shorter course event – and won. He was really good.

Coming up the straight in the lead

The older boy (10) came about 5th, over double the length of the other.

Then it was a fast move back to the AIS for more swimming events. The boys certainly had stamina!

The younger boy swam the 100 metres backstroke for the first time over that distance and came 2nd in a tight finish. It was a good performance. They had changed swim clubs from when we were last here; the coaches seemed to be much better – have coached Olympic swimmers.

Dog had to stay in the Terios while we were at the pool. Fortunately, it was a cool enough day. Had it been warmer, I would have stayed back at Bus with her. At Lake Gininderra, she was able to come on the lead with us. Triath;lon was clearly a really popular sport – finding somewhere to park wasn’t easy, and we had to walk a long way to the course. So we were exercised too.

We left mid-afternoon, after the boys’ events were all done.  Lunch had been overlooked in all the rushing back and forth, so we meandered about the north-eastern suburbs looking for somewhere to buy food. Canberra is such a frustrating place for visitors! Neighbourhood precincts might be fine, with a few service shops tucked away in convenient locations for residents, but they are hell for those who are not partial to going round in circles!

Eventually managed to pick up a couple of rolls and ate them sitting in the car by the shops. Then back to Bus.

John was really happy that some effort seemed to have been made for him to have contact with the boys  and participate in aspects of their life. He had certainly now seen a representative sample of their sporting activities.

After the late lunch, tea was soup, followed by bacon and eggs.

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  1. That lack of signage and advertising in Canberra is so frustrating for visitors.

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