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2013 Travels November 16

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Had a relaxed start to the day, then left camp about 11.30, to go visit and lunch with John’s daughter. Her husband had gone to Sydney for the day, to a party, so it was just her and the boys.

We had specified that we only wanted a light lunch – no fuss – so we enjoyed salad rolls and fruit.

The boys were enthusiastic about having John’s attention, and being able to play with Couey. They got her out of the car in order to play ball games on the grass in front of the apartment. I just had to hope she wasn’t tempted to sample Lake Burley Griffin! They would love to have a dog, but the life of overseas postings makes that impossible. Couey had a great time and was happy enough to be tethered out on the little patio while we all went inside again.

Ball games by Lake Burley Griffin

The younger grandson had been offered a place in his school’s music stream for Grade 3. He sang for us – an incredibly pure voice – so we could see why the offer was made.

We left mid-afternoon. The boys had homework to do.

Outlook across Lake Burley Griffin

Visited the nearby shops for the weekend papers and on the way back went further up the Federal Highway to check out the location of the Queanbeyan exit road, for Monday.

Relaxed at camp for what was left of the day.

Pasta and bottled sauce for tea.

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