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2013 Travels September 14

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Had another early start as John wanted to put in another day of big kms.

It definitely grew cooler as we headed south.

Refuelled at Gilgandra. $1.599cpl.

We made very good time to Parkes, despite the fact that I drove for some of the time and I drive Bus a bit more slowly than John. Traffic on the Newell Highway was predictably constant, but there were few hold ups and adequate places where faster vehicles could pass us.

Distant Warrumbungle Range from the Newell Highway

At a roundabout in Dubbo I was crowded by a vehicle in the lane to my right and ran the rear Bus wheel along a high kerb, quite markedly. It did not feel good.

John’s leg seemed to be improving, under the combined onslaught of pills and cream. Given that, he decided to detour to Canberra to see his two grandsons. They were keen swimmers and he wanted to see them train – or compete – for the first time, as the family had only been back for a few months from their recent three year overseas posting. So he phoned daughter and left a message for her.

Pulled into a roadside stop to eat lunch and give dog a walk. I’d made some sandwiches this morning for John, with the last of our bread. I had a muesli bar and a mandarin – better than a sandwich with somewhat stale bread!

Cloudy skies created interesting light effects on the fields

I suggested we go on to Cowra today. Left the Newell at Parkes and travelled via Eugowra and Canowindra. These “back” roads were fine and the scenery through farming country really lovely, after the inland dryness of the past few days.

We’d had the Warrumbungles in the distance, around Coonabarabran, to provide some travel interest. Further south, the crop land areas provided contrasts of green with the impossibly vivid yellow of vast canola crops. It was so good to see  green vistas again.

At the Cowra Holiday Park, on the northern edge of town, we had an ensuite site, for $36, after discount. The bathroom was good, but up steep steps. I quite liked the park, even though much of the surface was gravel. I thought they were trying really hard to cater for their travelling clientele – and the guy told John he could let the dog run loose on the grass along their fence line. Much appreciated by dog! As well, the TV reception for tonight’s football was good.

Cowra site

After set up, I asked John to drive down to the shops and get some bread, for toast tomorrow and lunch. He came back with donuts – a weakness of his – and crumpets. They would be good for breakfast, but not going to do much for tomorrow’s lunch scenario!

After such a long couple of days of travel, I suggested to John that we indulge in KFC for tea, if he would go and get same. Very rare for me to suggest something like that but I really did not feel like cooking tea. I should have, because the chicken was too greasy for my taste.

Watched the football – a final of some sort. John’s team, Carlton, lost badly. That ended their 2013 season and he was not happy.

I got the doonas out of storage – nights were chilly again.

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