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2013 Travels September 13

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Early start. Left at 7.40am. Today was forecast, in these parts, to be hotter than yesterday.

I’d have liked to stay at the Lagoon an extra day or two, as our friends were doing, rather than travel on this day. Not that I am superstitious, but why tempt fate? However, John had lapsed into the dreaded “let’s get home, fast” focus, that seemed always to afflict him whenever we turned in that direction. No more “dawdling” now.

The road was very “bouncy” south of Moonie, even with Bus speed down to 60kmh. Passed the remains of what seemed to have been a fairly new and large Royal Flair caravan, beside the road. The van was in small pieces. It looked to have been a very recent happening. We thought it likely that the appalling road conditions had contributed to that disaster. Not far on from that, we were passed by a 4WD towing a large Traveller caravan. We thought he was going too fast for the road condition – the van was really wagging its tail and bouncing up and down on the road. The contents of its cupboards would have been interesting, at the end of the day!

Goondiwindi had been the initial target for the day. We stopped there to give dog a walk around, and then decided to press on to Moree, as it was still only mid morning.

Back on the Newell….

Back into NSW. The run to Moree was uneventful, with us sharing the driving, and the road surface much better. When nearly at Moree, we both decided to continue on, to Narrabri.

Refuelled at Moree – $1.629cpl. While John was doing that, I phoned ahead and booked a caravan park site. We were able to pull into a parking area by the Mehi River, in the town, and I made some lunch.

We reached Narrabri about 4pm. A long day in Bus but not too tiring. It is comfortable to travel in.

Our ensuite site at the Highway Caravan Park cost $40.50, after discount. There was a great grassed area behind the park where we were able to give Couey a good run and ball chase.

Narrabri en-suite site

John took the car to the shops to try to get some dressings for his leg. He came back with a cream recommended by the pharmacist – Flaminal Hydro. I’d not heard of it before, but he said she was definite that it would improve the sores.           

For tea I cooked steaks with creamy peppercorn sauce from a packet.

Watched AFL football after tea – parts of the finals series. That time of year again.

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