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2013 Travels August 25

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It was a comfortable day – not too hot, and with a cooling breeze under the awning.

Later in the afternoon, there was a heavy cloud build up and maybe some thunder in the distance – a bit hard to tell. It felt very “tropical” here – very green and lush.

Under the influence of this environment, John decided that he would definitely like to continue on to Cairns, after here. I would enjoy that, seeing how it had changed since 1998. It was not too steamy yet, in these parts, and I was enjoying the environment.

I phoned Lake Placid Caravan Park, in Cairns, and booked us in for 4-7 nights, exact length to be determined after we arrive. We had stayed there before and found it pleasant and well sited.

Before lunch, drove into Innisfail, through the several small villages strung out between Flying Fish Point and town. It was a very pretty drive, and only 7kms. I mostly needed to get mince for the dog, but got some “people” food too. Because this trip was being longer than originally planned, I was running low on dog’s dried Eukanuba food. It is not stocked in supermarkets, only pet shops, and did not seem to be available in Qld. So I was eking it out by replacing some with mince, which dog seemed quite happy with. The food I bought for us included a pack of three chicken marylands, and two pieces of good ham, which I would cut up to make ham steaks to cook.

South Johnstone River at Innisfail

After lunch back at Bus, I sat outside and sewed. John spent time on the laptop.

A passing lady stopped for a chat. She was a widow; every year she towed her 16 foot van up here, from her home in NSW, for the winter. She’d just had rotavirus for a week and said it had been going around the area. Of course, I immediately started to wonder if I was feeling totally well!

I roasted the chicken marylands, for tea. There turned out to be four of them in the 2kg pack I’d bought this morning. Roasted some vegetables (potatoes, pumpkin) to go with them – all in the electric frypan. Boiled some green beans too, and made gravy. I intended then to keep two of the cooked marylands for tomorrow night’s tea, but John was hungry and ate a second one. Oh well, tinned fish for me tomorrow.

After tea I read, John watched TV.

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