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2013 Travels August 24

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Although it had been hot here, yesterday, the temperature through the night was very pleasant.

When we’d booked in here yesterday, I’d been able to order Saturday papers, so walked the short distance to Reception/shop/office and collected those for the day’s reading.

After John’s brunch, we put the front shade onto the awning, to keep the afternoon sun off out sitting area, and to give us a bit more privacy from passing traffic. There was a slot along the awning roller that the shade edging just slid into, and along. Easy.

Another view of our site

John went off to bowls in Innisfail, taking the Terios.

I walked Coeuy around some of the streets, on her lead. There was no beach here to speak of, just narrow areas of rocks and stones, probably erosion protection. So beach walking was not an option and others were limited, unfortunately. The attractive looking oval and grassed area behind the caravan park was part of the school, and no dogs were allowed, sadly.

I spent some time on the laptop, playing around with possible schedules for the rest of our trip up here and the travel home.

From about 2pm onwards, I could smell the pork for tonight’s dinner roasting at the nearby dining area – very tantalizing and I regretted not being able to partake.

John didn’t return until after 6pm – well after the pork diners had begun eating. He had not enjoyed his day. He couldn’t “get” the way the green ran, and so bowled poorly. He also clashed with a lady on the other team! However, he did buy a club shirt – short sleeved, which he usually doesn’t wear – in a cool fabric, purely because it had a great print of a cassowary on the back. Cost him $50, but worth it for the bird. He reckoned that should evoke some comments when he wore it back at home. Wonder if our home club could be persuaded to put a powerful owl print on their bowls shirts? (The powerful owl is a threatened species, and there are some found in our local home area.)

Our tea was pasta with a bottled sauce.

John watched football on TV, after tea. He got very cross with the performance of “his” team, Carlton, who lost. Don’t think he’d rate this as one of his better days, overall.

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