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2013 Travels August 5

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Today was pleasant – right degree of warmth. I’d begun to notice heavy dews in the early mornings, now.

A few of the people who were obviously regulars here in winter, had light covers for their vehicles to protect against the combination of dew moisture  and dust kicked up by traffic on the dirt roads of the park, as well as from the salt air. If we came back here again, for any length of time, thought I’d want one for Terios, too.

A lot of people had left the park over the past couple of mornings, but the spaces – as in proper sites – were filled by newcomers. Seemed to me that the word was getting out, about this place.

Couey was fine today. I took her for a beach walk. Only about half the usual distance, just to make sure she didn’t overdo it.

Great walking beach…

Some men came and took away most of the remaining circus stuff, except for the truck and the monkey trailer.

I made chilli con carne for dinner. Overdid the chilli, though.

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