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2013 Travels August 4

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Today was less humid.

I definitely did not like the park this crowded. Apart from the circus lot down the dip from us, that area had also filled up with rigs that did not need power and, closer to us, several who had hooked up long leads into anywhere they could find a vacant power outlet up the hill or, in some instances, apply double adapters!

We had the usual sort of day. I read, sewed. John spent some time at the computer. Because so many of the campers were away at the Festival, I was able to unexpectedly get an empty washing machine, when I checked, on the off chance. So did the washing.

We walked along the beach, as far as the last house at Cassady’s. Because John was along, Couey did quite a lot of water play and chasing at his instigation.

Just resting…

The circus put on a couple of afternoon matinees. It all looked rather tawdry in the bright light of day; probably had a greater mystique at night. They then very efficiently packed it all up – which made interesting watching for us, sitting outside our van. Then, they all left, leaving behind gear, the boss and the animals. Apparently he had some vehicle problems.

Quite a few people left the park in the afternoon. I was just hoping it would soon return to rather sleepy normality.

M phoned to say she was able to get four tickets for the Cohen concert – the maximum allowed in one purchase. She went back online a few minutes later to get the fifth she wanted, for her friend C, but the pre-sales had sold out. Wow! That was fast. I was very pleased we acted quickly on those. We discussed accommodation options for that Saturday night, having already decided we would not be driving back to the eastern suburbs after the concert. We had memories of the Hanging Rock one, when it took a couple of hours to clear the parking paddock after the show was over. Settled on a two bedroom apartment type unit, that I’d found on the Wotif site. She would book it.

I hadn’t heard back from T, so he’d missed out as far as I was concerned.

Tea was fried rice, using leftover roast chicken, and a few prawns from the freezer.

About 9pm, Couey very neatly vomited her tea onto the Bus floor, right by John’s feet! Too much salt water – again. Now that John was forced to confront the unpleasant results of his sea frolics with dog – and clean up same – I reckoned  he’d be less encouraging of same when we walked on the beach in the future!

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