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2012 Travels August 22

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We dawdled around a bit in the morning, so didn’t depart the park until 10.15am.

Holding onto the ball so she can have a rest

John parked up in the main street, near the supermarket. He went in and bought rolls for lunch and a cask of water that I wanted. I was not happy drinking the local water supplies and wasn’t yet confident in the quality of the water from our fresh water tank – although John had filled it at home, didn’t know how long the water already in there had been there.

It was John who went to the shop, because it was easier for him to get out of Bus. Dog had already realized that if I got up to go out, then the door would open and she could get out. There would be barking and jumping at the door and I would have to battle to keep her in, while I got out.

I had envisaged a leisurely drive paralleling the Murray River, maybe as far as Rutherglen for a couple of nights. But no – John was determined to get to Beechworth in one go. Shades of the old days….

So we went via Echuca, Shepparton, Benalla and Wangaratta.

Booked into Lake Sambell Caravan Park – the site ended up costing us $26.10 per night. We booked in for three nights. The lady at Reception asked if I was a CMCA member – I was, so we were given a 10% discount. I had joined the CMCA as soon as we bought Bus – partly for a source of information and partly in order to be able to access their motor home insurance scheme.

Our site was quite wide, though not very deep – but no one was put behind us. The amenities were modern and clean. It was a very attractive looking park.

There was a motorhome parked next to us that looked an interesting one – a Horizon Grevillea. I hadn’t seen one of these before. Not too large. It had a slightly upswept back, so more ground clearance there than we had. That type of motorhome was a cut above the older, converted Coasters like ours – but probably also much more costly…..

After setting up, took Couey for a walk in the parklands that bordered the lake. Here, she could go for a gallop. There wasn’t much of the afternoon left by then, so it was tea, TV and bed.

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