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2012 Travels August 21

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The usual morning routine with dog, then breakfast and pack up.

Couey had been tethered to Bus bull bar whilst we packed up and was clearly unhappy at the signs. When it came time to go, she had decided to stay. Where was the Pyap and its whistle when we needed it? John had to pick her up and lift her into Bus.

We hadn’t hurried the morning routines or the pack up, and left a bit before 10am.

Drove back the way we’d come. I drove Bus for most of the way to Robinvale. Found that I would have liked to have the driver’s seat further back, only by a couple of inches, but its backward travel was stopped by being right up against the wardrobe wall. Guess the guy who had it converted had shorter legs than me. I only really noticed the restriction when having to work the clutch or brakes, the rest of the time it was quite comfortable. The steering was typical Toyota sloppy feeling – like our Hilux had been, and the Troopy at Pungalina.  Otherwise – all good.

I suggested we could do that stay at Robinvale that we’d talked of on the way up, but John wanted to go further today. So we just stopped there  for a short walk and coffee break. Again, Couey needed lifting back into Bus.

Stopped at Swan Hill for fuel and for me to go the Safeway. Diesel was still $1.399 cpl, Bus took 64.14 litres, so I was able to work out that we’d managed a tad over 7kms per litre. That was not too different from the Defender in general use – and better than we’d gotten from that when towing.

I bought a few grocery items. John needed to buy beer. He bought a pie for his lunch and ate it while I was in Safeway. I bought a pull apart loaf. We took the trolley with our purchases back to Bus, unloaded, then John returned the trolley. Somehow, he got in a muddle and left his daypack in the trolley when he returned it. Luckily, I noticed it was missing and asked where it was, and he was able to race back and retrieve it.

The afternoon was getting on a bit, so I ate some of my bread loaf whilst we went along. It would have been nicer with some butter, though!

At Lake Charm had a look around and a drive through its nether regions. We tried a caravan park there that had frontage to the lake – that was an attractive idea. There were lots of permanent establishments there – vans and annexes set up to be holiday homes, mostly. The caretaker was out and there was no one to assist us, so we left and continued on to Kerang.

Booked into the Kerang Caravan Park – $23 a night, The place was central, and there was a park next door where Couey could have a run. However, this was a park with mostly permanent dwellers in a formal, but shabby looking, section. We chose to go to the informal, riverside section. Here, the amenities were dated, but very clean. The river was more like a creek.

Set up at Kerang

Set up. John retired for an afternoon nap. I took Couey for a good run in the park.

Later, because there were no other campers in this section, we played ball games with the dog, near Bus.

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