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2012 Travels August 17

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It rained for much of the day, and blew a gale. A very cold day.

First thing in the morning, I walked to the shops and had my repeat anti-biotic script filled, and bought some more silver impregnated dressings. Saw some track pants on sale for $6.50 at a menswear store, and also a fleecy zippered jacket for $13.50, so bought both those, to be additions to the cold weather gear to be kept in Bus. Did a small food shop at Coles and got some chicken thighs and sausages. It was becoming obvious, that with the small capacity of the Bus fridge, and no supplementary car fridge, shopping was going to have to be more regular than we had been used to.

In between rain events, we took dog for a couple of park walks, and also walked the other way as far as the Pioneer Settlement.

The riverside Pioneer Settlement dates from the 1960’s, earlier than most other history based theme parks in Victoria. As the name suggests, it shows aspects of life back in the heyday of the river boat era.

The Pyap, which scared Couey a couple of days ago, is moored here, and does short trips along the river, for tourists. It was originally more of a barge than a true paddle steamer, and was used for some years as a travelling general store, along the lower reaches of the Murray.

The Pyap churning up quite a wake

I had never been to the Pioneer Settlement, though John had brought his children here when they were young. We would both have liked to go in and look at the exhibits – but the place did not welcome dogs.

Spent the rest of the day in Bus – it was warm and snug in there.

We were pleased that the awning seemed really sturdy in the wind, though John had taken the precaution of tying down guy ropes on each of the front corners, to anchor it a bit more.

We did some more fiddling with Bus “gadgets”.  Like a kid with a new toy, John turned on the hot water service – on electricity – and it worked. What a luxury – to have hot water for the washing up, instead of boiling a kettle or jug! I played about and got the inbuilt CD player working; this radio/CD player was a separate unit from the similar one at the front that was part of the Bus gear for driving mode.

All of the fitments and additions – like the built in CB radio at the front – appeared to be quality goods. The fitting out of this home on wheels had not been done cheaply.

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