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2012 Travels August 16

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Before breakfast, I took Couey for a walk in the park. She enjoyed that, free ranging a bit, but mostly on lead. Then we transitioned to the streets, going as far as the Information Centre, not that far from the park. I had thoughts of leaving her tied outside and going in to check out some local information – not having expected to be in Swan Hill just yet. But, once we left the park she was very anxious, and kept looking to go back the way we’d come. So I wasn’t game to leave her tied up and go away. Once we got back to the park, she was happier and seemed to already know that the correct morning routine was walk, then breakfast.

Murray River by our camp

John had a good long sleep in. After his breakfast, we walked through the park again – more fun for dog – and then along the main street. Dog seemed slightly happier to be street walking with both of us. John waited outside Safeway with her, whilst I went in and bought a few things we needed. Couey didn’t like that and fretted and whined until I came back. Her pack should stay together!

Had a late lunch back at the van – rolls I’d bought this morning, with some ham, ditto, and cheese.

Bus at Swan Hill camp

There were some rain showers intermittently through the afternoon, so we stayed around Bus. It was  also quite chilly.

When I checked my leg, later in the day, decided that the petrol caused wound was infected and again opening up. Hell and damnation.

The Pyap made an appearance again. This time, dog was safely inside Bus.

Tea was pasta, with tuna, olives, capers tomato sauce.

It rained quite solidly through the night, and was windy. No roof leaks to worry about in Bus – unless one of the roof hatches was left open!

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