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2011 Travels May 6

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John did the early morning with Couey.

Another mood of the Ovens River

Pack up took a while and it was just before 10am when we left.

M was going to spend the day browsing around the area, then meet up with friends for a weekend’s camping at nearby Freeburgh.

This time, we stayed on the road to Wangaratta until the Hume Freeway. It was better than  the way through Milawa that we’d taken, coming up.

It was a good run, and a nice day, but chilly. My enjoyment was lessened by the constant pain in arm and shoulder. Couey travelled well, but in her usual mode of getting down as low as possible. I didn’t think she was ever going to become a dog that wanted to look at the passing scenery.

We stopped in Yea and bought lunch from the usual bakery there.

Reached home about 2.45pm. Our flat tenant was surprised to see us, after such a short period away.

Unpacked all of Truck, and some of the van. That didn’t help the shoulder, and I was really tired by evening. All I wanted for tea was some chicken noodle soup. John was happy with that, plus some baked beans on toast.

He was now talking of driving to Broken Hill next week, after getting in some bowls at the weekend, seeming to think I could get my cortisone injection on Monday morning and then we could go together. I would prefer him to fly up – cheaper and easier, but he did not like that idea. I don’t think i could face the long stages of his planned trip to Broken Hill. For once, I was just looking forward to being quiet at home!  Rare for me to say something like that – I must be in a bad way…..

Although shorter than planned, the trip had been most successful in terms of introducing Couey to van life. We were really pleased with how docile and well behaved she was in camp – once out of the vehicle! Definitely going to be a good travelling dog.

I am going to be a perfect van companion…….

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