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2011 Travels May 5

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I did the early morning shift with Couey. We walked to just beyond the highway bridge at Porepunkah – a good hit out. Couey was showing interest in paddling in the river. A couple of times she’d ventured a little way into the water, at a point where access was easy. I really didn’t want to encourage her to take to the water – caravans and wet dogs not being a great combination.

Great spot on the river for doggy paddles

It was the usual sort of autumn morning here – chilly and damp.

Left camp a bit before 11am, got to Myrtleford about 11.40. It was a really pretty drive, with the autumn colours of the trees.

Because we were early for our midday meet up, walked around the shops near the Buffalo Hotel. M bought herself a polar fleece jacket, on special at a men’s wear store. J and J phoned to say they were running a bit late, so we meandered around, reading the information boards relating to the town and district history. Really interesting – about gold rushes, tobacco and hops growing.

Old hop kiln buildings near Myrtleford

We had an enjoyable lunch at the Buffalo Hotel with J and J – and some nice local wine. I had calamari rings – very good. There was much talk. J had been making jams for the last year or so, and they were going to a lot of markets with those. She was, she said, doing very well with it. They would not be doing any  big trips up north any more, just shorter ones to nearer destinations.  They had bought a second hand Kedron caravan to replace the camper trailer they’d had. The van was big and heavy, but they loved it.

A very pleasant time was had by all. I think M enjoyed meeting J and J and spending time talking with them. Dog was very good – she slept under the table in the hotel courtyard for the whole time.

Back to camp, with a brief stop in Porepunkah for me to get milk.

Tea was eggs, bacon, tomato, potato slices.

After tea, I told John that I needed to go home tomorrow, not to Broken Hill. My shoulder was becoming very painful, constantly now. Caravan life in general seemed to be aggravating it. Also, since his most recent lung damage, John had become an increasingly loud and erratic snorer, and I was having to sleep on the sore shoulder to face away from the noise. Seems doctor was right about that cortisone injection!

John was not happy about this. I told him that, once I was home, he could go to Broken Hill – and it would be easier without the van, too.

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