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2011 Travels May 3

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The morning started at 6.40am for dog and me.

John was up a bit earlier than in recent days.

I’d hoped to do the Canyon Walk from Bright today, but John’s leg was playing up a bit. Since the  main vein got filled up with blood clots in February, he has issues with pain and tiredness in it. The specialist told him at the time that solidified clot material had permanently narrowed the  vein. Too graphic?

John wanted to make sure his leg was “saved” for bowls this afternoon, so I did the washing instead of doing a big walk in the morning. But after that was done and hung out, we did take dog across the swing bridge and for a walk on the track beyond it.

Footbridge over Ovens River near the caravan park

After John had gone off to bowls, there was some cloud build up, so I picked the washing in and draped it around the van to finish drying.

M, dog and I went for a walk across the bridge and to the cafe at Porepunkah. The big cloud build up had continued, and there was some thunder while we were walking. It did not appear to bother the dog – thank you, puppy school! After having coffees, we walked – fairly quickly back to camp, thinking ourselves lucky to get back dry.

Ovens River at Porepunkah

The rain set in later in the afternoon and continued into the night.

John put the ends onto the annexe to keep the area a bit drier. But the rain made things feel damp, and wet Couey’s outside bed, before we realized.

Tea was chicken thighs simmered in a jar of green curry sauce – a very mild one – with rice. The jar of simmer sauce was too big for us so M used some of it for her tea.

Again, early to bed for me, and John watching TV and on his laptop till later. I had been having some trouble sleeping, due to increasing pain in my injured shoulder, so felt tired much of the time.

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