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2011 Travels May 2

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There was definitely a morning routine developing with dog: up early and ready for morning walk with me.

After breakfast, John helped M change a  tyre that had gone flat on the Troopy. Then we drove into Bright. M took the tyre in for repair – it turned out to be a worn tube, so she had to buy a new one of those.

Went to the Information Centre which was well set up and had a lot of information and things for sale – lots of browsing. John sat outside with dog. Then to the Bright Brewery. No live entertainment today, but M and John sampled the beers. I had a coffee.

Walked around the town for a while. I was looking for the Post Office, to mail a birthday card to son.

Bright had a number of interesting seeming shops. We couldn’t really go browsing in these, because of dog, but it was quite pleasant just walking around. Couey got better every time we took her around people.

Went to Woolworths. John and dog stayed in the car while M and I got various supplies.

Back to the van for a very late lunch.

Took dog for a little walk along the riverside track. Then it was time for happy hour at our van.

Ovens River at Porepunkah

Tea was soup, bacon, eggs, mushrooms, potato, tomato. That was a meal that John really enjoyed.

I had an early night. John watched TV until later. Apparently, he came back from his final trip to the bathroom, to find Couey on the bed beside me, with her head on his pillow! Fast learner that one.

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