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2011 Travels March

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We resumed our normal lives. I was making plans for some shorter forays with the van, once the bowls season was fully done and dusted.

Mid-month, I managed to hurt my right shoulder/upper arm. I was relaxing in the spa bath after a bout of gardening outside in the heat. Birdy came charging in, as was her habit, to check where I was, and decided to make off with my sandal, while she was at it. I took a backhand swipe at her and just connected, behind me. Instant realization …..that wasn’t a great idea. Hurt. Me much more than her. She didn’t even notice it and I had to haul myself out of the bath to go chase my sandal.

By the next day, had shooting pains down the arm and into the fingers, when I tried to do things.

Then  Birdy hurt her paw somehow. In sympathy? No – probably attacking the wooden side fence, behind which live the two next-door dogs. A toenail was torn nearly off. She was limping badly and doing an excellent “poor dog me” act. John took her to the Vet, who took off the nail and trimmed a couple of others. She didn’t limp at all when she arrived back home –  until the local anaesthetic wore off. Then she sulked and slept for the rest of the day.

My doctor said I’d torn ligaments/tendons in the shoulder, when I backhanded Birdy. He wanted to give me a cortisone injection, but I am wary of those, so received a course of anti-inflammatories instead. And a flu shot, to add insult to injury. He reckoned I would be back – for the cortisone!

One thought on “2011 Travels March

  1. Can’t wait for the next post….cortisone injected into just the right spot ….ah instant relief.

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